Saturday, March 13, 2010

thai smile - chattanooga, tn

219 market street

Yay for me!!!  I ate native Thai hot and survived.

Marty and I usually split a meal or we order two dishes and share each dish.  Except for Thai food.  This has always been the one place where Marty and I order separate entrees and don’t share.  He always gets his food ridiculously hot.  Native Thai is considered level 4-6 and he usually orders it around level 10 which is way too hot for me.

I am always torn between getting pad thai or red curry (the waitress assured me that neither had fish sauce in them) so Marty agreed to get the pad thai at level 6 and share with me (although I thought it would be way too hot because I usually go with level 2) and I ordered the red curry tofu.

Even though it was ridiculously hot, I still enjoyed it immensely.

The red curry tofu came with the cutest presentation ever. Heart-shaped rice! This was flavorful with a lot of fresh basil and crunchy bamboo shoots. The coconut milk felt very soothing after the fiery pad thai I ate.

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