Saturday, March 13, 2010

sluggo's north vegetarian cafe - chattanooga, tn

501 cherokee boulevard

We entered Sluggo's with huge smiles on our faces.  Every time we get to eat at an all-vegan restaurant everything just feels right with the world.

After thoroughly reviewing the menu we decided to order a couple of sandwiches and share them.

First up was The Berliner.  Grilled and marinated seitan slices on locally made sourdough bread (it was supposed to come with rye but they were out) with saurkraut, grilled onions, soy Russian dressing, and soy cheese.  It came with a small salad and a side of your choice. We chose the chili and it had a nice flavor but it was very watery, more like a minestrone than chili. We ordered the ranch dressing for our salad and didn't care for it much. One expects ranch to be creamy but the texture was mealy and wasn't conducive to eating with lettuce. The sandwich was good but I think it would have been great if they had had the rye and it didn't have the soy cheese.  I don't know if they make their own cheese or if they purchase it but I wasn't especially fond of the texture or the taste.

Our second sandwich was The Culture Club. This was a triple-decker, also on locally made sourdough, with marinated seitan, tofu bacon, tofurkey slices, soy mayo, lettuce and tomato, served with Ruffles potato chips. This sandwich was a winner in my book. The sweet, juicy tomato offset the smoky flavor of the seitan and tofu bacon and the Vegenaise (I'm assuming) blanketed the sandwich in creamy goodness.

We arrived with huge appetites and left with our bellies pleasantly full, all for $15.30.  The atmosphere is casual and funky, our waitress was friendly and outgoing, and the food is quite good.  I would highly recommend this restaurant.

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