Saturday, March 13, 2010

mudpie restaurant - chattanooga, tn

12 frazier avenue

Marty and I popped in here to relax and wind down one evening. If I were to ever own a restaurant, it would be something similar to this place. Mudpie calls itself a restaurant but it's also a bar and a coffee shop and they do a good job of blending the three concepts into a fun and lively hang-out. There is a bohemian vibe with art from local artists adorning the walls and most evenings they have live music (although on the night we were there it was open mic night for poetry readings).

Having already eaten dinner we only ordered decaf coffees but we did check out the menu. A vegan could easily make a meal out of the options here. I had read some negative reviews about the food but I would definitely give it a chance the next time I'm in Chattanooga.

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