Saturday, March 13, 2010

country life vegetarian restaurant - chattanooga, tn

809 market street

This all-vegan place is a cafeteria-style restaurant set in the heart of downtown and they’re only open for lunch from 11-3pm. When we walked in the door we were warmly greeted and once we got to the counter the lady was helpful in describing the daily selections (they have a salad bar and a handful of pre-made hot items to choose from).

Our food.

We started with a small bowl of beef stew. Marty and I weren't really wowed by this soup but perhaps that's because we were never big beef stew fans pregan (we only ordered it out of novelty - being something we don't usually have).

This pizza had a thick and soft wheat crust, a flavorful sauce and a bunch of veggies. There was also a nice cheesy topping (that, while nothing like mozzarella, was still a tasty addition).

This dish was Asian-inspired rice noodles with cabbage, eggplant, carrots and cauliflower. I was really unimpressed with this. It was bland and could have benefited from a nicely seasoned sauce.

The Persian dill rice was very flavorful and had a delicious, creamy topping. I don't cook with dill very often but every time I have something with it I'm reminded of how much I enjoy it. I'm going to start using it more regularly.

This tasty carob cream cake was a nice departure from chocolate. The texture was interesting because it was too creamy to be a cake yet too cakey to be a cream pie. We were a little confused about what it was trying to be but it didn't really matter because it tasted great and the huge slice was a satisfying finish to our meal.

It was more than enough food for the both of us and the total cost was $10.58.

From what we were told by the lady working there, the restaurant had been suffering financially lately and has 4 months to turn itself around before they close the doors. They recently hired a new manager and he is in the process of implementing some new ideas, including a deli counter/grill with sandwiches and burgers and a juice/smoothie bar. I wish them luck because it would be a shame to see another veggie restaurant go under.

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