Sunday, June 13, 2010

a kombucha experiment - growing a scoby, part 2

daily status, in pictures

Last week, I blogged about my experience with kombucha. Every morning for the past 9 days, I excitedly checked on my little experiment and have watched my jar of tea rapidly produce a healthy SCOBY.

If you look really closely, you can see a small whitish spot in the center of the jar. That is the start of my SCOBY! I was so excited when I lifted up the towel and found it had actually started to grow.
By day 4, there was a very noticeable film across the entire surface of the tea.

By day 9, I thought my SCOBY was thick enough to transfer to a new batch of tea and start my very first brew! I'm a few days into it now and anxiously waiting for the 5th day so I can bottle it with fruit juice and begin my double fermentation.


  1. Nifty progress pictures! Mine definitely took much longer to develop.... Different environments, I guess. :) And thanks for reminding me, mine could sure use a little attention...

  2. Hooray! I can't wait to try your home brew!

  3. Hi Crystal! I like your new (to me) blog!! :)

    great photos of this process!! You sure do your research ahead of time! Good for you. I know it will turn out great!

  4. Oh, my goodness, welcome back, Crystal! Nice to meet you, Danielle!

  5. I read something somewhere about making a SCOBY from scratch, and I wondered if it was really possible. Thanks so much for posting this, now I can't wait to try it too!!!

  6. I am so glad I just stumbled upon this blog! My first kombucha batch is on its fourth day, and I was freaking out that it was abnormal/moldy/all my dreams were squashed.

    Your Day Four picture has mellowed me out considerably. All is calm and all is bright over here! I'm now at ease that my SCOBY is on track; I feel like a parent must feel when their child's first-grade teacher reassures them that the kid's reading level is normal. Woot woot!